I'm Ginny, mum to Pickle, my cheeky little all-singing, all-dancing, arts and crafts loving 4 year old. Together we love to read books, craft and play. 


Read Create Play came into being during the UK Lockdown of 2020 when friends started responding to my social media posts sharing updates of what we had been doing to fill the days.

I was overwhelmed by kindness but also with questions as people asked if they could trial our ideas. Some friends were phoning me asking for suggestions of activities around themes that their children had requested or shown interest in. And a couple asked for book recommendations. 

I came to realise that not everyone had my passion for hunting out books and craft resources, let alone my enjoyment for setting up activities. One friend even messaged to ask 'where do you get all the stuff? Do you have a cupboard with it all stored away?' The answer was in fact, yes. I'm a hoarder of anything and everything: little treasures that could one day be used in our play and learning. This is definitely a habit that rolled over from my theatre training and drama teaching days. For years, I kept props and costume items "just in case we do a show that needs a...".

Before Pickle was born, I enjoyed a ten year teaching career which revolved around my passion for storytelling. I had such good fortune to be able to work in a variety of schools, teaching both English and Drama to ages 4-18. Over this time, I relished using children's books and bringing them to life through puppetry and performance. One of the highlights was taking a performance group up to Edinburgh Festival with my own interactive re-write of Alice in Wonderland. 

Nowadays, I dabble in the theatre world by directing shows and running a musical theatre class. But my main focus is learning and playing with Pickle. 

I have set up Read Create Play to share our enthusiasm for finding really brilliant books that inspire imaginative crafts and play. My aim is to fill your shelves with engaging and well written books to save parents the time hunting out the good ones. I also want to support you by providing all the resources and instructions that you need to complete our tried and tested activities so that you can concentrate on enjoying time with your little ones. 

On top of all of that, my new role means that I get to shop for and send out book and play gifts each month! I believe there is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a package, especially when it’s delivered straight to your door and full of exciting surprises.  

Thank you for coming to find out about my little adventure. I'd love for you to browse through our selection of goodies to find out all that we have to offer at Read Create Play.

Do drop me an email if you have any questions. 

Love Ginny x