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Christmas Tree Mobile

It's been lovely to see so many people sharing and trying out our Tree Topper Star craft! Keep sending in your photos or tag us on social media so that we can share them too.

Today's activity is for the older children and grown-ups. Of course, little hands might like to get involved along the way too. Have a scroll through to see more photos as we'll be stitching up Christmas trees to hang from a star mobile. However, you could easily complete just part of the craft to make scented tree cushions or twiggy stars to hang on the tree or pop on the mantle piece.

What you will need... for the trees:

* Offcuts of fabric (they don't have to be festive but try to select a colour scheme)

* Needle and thread in your chosen colours

* Pinking shears (zigzag cutters!)

* Scissors

* Chalk

* Stuffing (can be replaced with cotton wool or finely shredded paper)

What you will need... for the star mobile:

* 5 twigs cut to the same length

* Tape or double-sided sticky tape

* Twine or string

* Thread

Making the Fabric Trees

1) Lay out your fabric and use chalk to mark out a triangle on the reverse side.

2) Cut out the triangle using pinking shears. If you fold the fabric in half, you can use the fold line as one side and only cut two. The pinking shears reduce the chance of the fabric fraying.

3) Stitch the sides together with basic running stitch (up and down the fabric in a straight line) about half a centimetre from the edge.

Before you get to the end, leave a gap of about 2 inches to stuff the padding in and then stitch up the opening.

4) Repeat this process until you have all your trees completed. We chose five to match our five point star but you could do more or less.

If you are making mini scented cushions, consider adding cloves or chopped pine needles to the stuffing and leave on or near the radiator.

Making the Star Mobile

1) Layout the twigs to create a star shape.

2) Tape the corners to hold it in place. Double-sided tape will also help to hold the twine in place for the next step.

3) Wrap twine or string around the tape to secure it.

4) Attach a Christmas tree to each point by stitching thread to the top corner of the tree and to the twine wrap on the star. We chose to use gold thread for this.

5) Use the same thread to attach five lengths on the corners of the inner pentagon. Tie these above the star with a little loop at the knot so that you can hang them from a hook or nail.

Where will you hang yours? I would love to see your makes. Please drop me a message or tag me on facebook or instagram.

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See you next week for more merry makes!

Ginny x

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