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Christmas Tree Star Tutorial

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Have you succumbed to the excitement and put your decorations up early this year? We enjoyed this first weekend of advent as a decorating weekend and, even though it’s November for a few more days, it feels so cosy to spend Sunday afternoon snuggled up by the tree as the dark night creeps in.

After decorating, we discovered that we didn’t have a tree topper so decided to make one. Pickle chose a star so we have enjoyed crafting the requested ‘shiny and glittery’ pinnacle. We’d love you to have a go too. If you’ve already got a star or angel to top your tree, you could always add string and hang it on your door or make some smaller ones to hang on the tree.

You’ll need:

🌟 Cardboard

🌟 Pencil

🌟 Ruler

🌟 Scissors

🌟 A craft knife (or sharp scissors) - for grown up use only!

🌟 Masking tape

🌟 Paint

🌟 Glue

🌟 Glitter

✂️ Cut out a large star shape (we printed one out to use).

✍️ Draw round the star onto two pieces of cardboard and cut out the matching stars. These will be the front and back of your star.

📏 Next up, use a ruler to mark 5 lines from each point of the star to the opposite indent. These five lines will all cross in the middle.

✂️ Score along these five lines taking care not to cut through the cardboard. This is a job for the adult if you are crafting with children. Here's a timelapse of the next steps:

⭐️ Fold along the scored lines. The points of your star should be folded in the opposite direction to the indents. Have a look at the timelapse above for a demonstration.

🌟 Use masking tape to stick your two folded stars together.

✨ Add some sparkle with paint and glitter. I recommend lining the fold creases with glue to add your glittery highlights.

🎄 Pop your star atop the tree or add some string to hang your creation and watch it dazzle!

I’d love to see your crafty results. Tag #readcreateplayshare

on social media.

I'll be blogging a few more festive craft ideas throughout December so do checkout the blog for last week’s Christmas tree cards and pop back for more merry makes.

Happy crafting!

Love Ginny x

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