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Craft a Christmas Card

It's not quite December yet but so lovely to see the growing enthusiasm for the festive season this year as decorated trees and lights are beginning to pop up around us. We haven't decorated ours yet but we're excited to be reading some of our Winter books already and look forward to the Christmas celebrations.

More than ever this year, we will be thinking of friends and family near and far. A big thank you to the Royal Mail and delivery companies who will be working harder than ever to unite us all as this year with all its challenges draws to a close.

If you've purchased a copy of our Christmas box, you'll certainly have gleaned some inspiration for picking a pine tree but now it's time to prepare for the festive season by crafting a Christmas card! I hope you've saved all the bits of card from your craft activity...

You will need:

- red paper or card

- green paper or card scraps

- any red, white or green items items from your recycling box

- glue from your December box

- scissors (and a grown up to help or supervise... if you aren't a grown up yourself!)

- a star sticker or glitter glue from your box

1) Fold the red paper or card in half to make a large card. You may wish to cut it in half first to make two smaller cards!

2) Chop up your leftover green card from the star sheet in your box. Cut it into thin strips or narrow triangle shapes.

3) Add to this pile of little scraps by cutting up thin strips from the red, white and green items from your recycling box.

4) Take another piece of recycled packaging; a cereal box works well. Draw and cut out a simple tree shaped triangle. Make sure that the triangle is slightly smaller than your red card.

5) Cover the triangle in glue and lay strips of green, red and white across it. It doesn't have to be too neat. It's fun to have the narrow triangles pointing in opposite directions and also to layer them on top of each other, adding more glue whenever necessary. You'll find that you lose the neat shape of the triangle backing but that's ok! Make sure that it is all covered.

6) Once your triangle is covered, use your scissors to snip off the edges so that you are back to the neat triangle shape.

7) Stick this to the middle of your red card. Make sure you have space at the top for a star.

8) Add a star sticker to the top or decorate with glitter glue from your box.

And there you have a beautiful Christmas card or seasonal thank you card to send.

Plus, there are no rules and limitations so you can make as many as you want using different colours or even different shapes. Last month, we made pink and white hearts by recycling Pickle's birthday wrapping paper and sent them out as thank you cards.

Send me a photo of your wonderful creations or tag @read.create.play on social media. I'll be blogging a few more festive craft ideas throughout December so do pop back for more merry makes.

Happy crafting!

Love Ginny x

If you still want to nab a copy of our December activity box, complete with Patricia Toht's Pick a Pine Tree, head to the website and pop in the code XMASCARDBLOG for a sneaky discount too. www.readcreateplay.co.uk

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