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Let it snow?

Happy New Year fellow bookworms!

While many are squirrelled away reading in between episodes of fun in the snow, others are wondering what the white stuff looks like... We haven't had any here so we've been indulging in beautiful books to get our winter wonderland fix. Here are just a few of our favourite snowy scenes that we've found...

We hope that many of you have been enjoying our January picture book choice: Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. You might even be able to spot it in the photo above. This cosy read has kept us entertained over the recent weeks and we've also enjoyed the lovely animation on Amazon Prime. If you've watched it, you might have noticed one or two words and names that differ from the English text. We took this opportunity to look at a map of the world and talk about some of the other words that differ in use between England and America.

Another snowy book that we have particularly enjoyed this year is Corrinne Averiss' A Dot in the Snow. We'll be talking more about this fantastic author next month...! Here's a fun little craft activity that we set up, inspired by the book.

Dotty Snowflakes

  1. Use a pencil to draw a large X on a piece of dark paper or card.

  2. Using the X as your guide, add white dots along the lines. You could use paint pens or cotton buds with white acrylic or poster paint.

  3. Add extra dots between the dotted lines you’ve created. If you can create patterns so that each section is the same, even better. You might even want to add different colours. We found that blues and pinks work best although other colours are great for firework pictures using the same method!

  4. Cut out your snowflakes, once dry, and stick them to your window for a snowy display.

For slightly older readers (5-9 year olds), we'd also recommend The Snow Dragon by Abi Elphinstone and illustrated by Fiona Woodcock . We love the endpapers in this beautifully illustrated book. Endpapers, for those who don't know, are the illustration pages just inside the covers of the book. Before reading, we sat for a while enjoying the colours and making up our own story based on the title and image of trees in the snow. We also had a go at recreating the image with tape and paint on canvas. If, like us, you love the story and you're feeling especially ambitious, you could add a snow dragon too!

Trees in the Snow

  1. Lay washi tape across the canvas, tearing off small pieces to create the shape of small branches. In the book, Fiona Woodcock has a moon shining from between the branches. For this, we added a circular sticker.

  2. Use a sponge to dab dark blue paint on and cover the canvas. We left some patches sketchy to create the dusty feeling of falling snow.

  3. Once dry, remove the tape to reveal your snowy trees.

  4. To add the dragon, we traced the image from the book and cut out the shape. Lay or tape the surround to the canvas and sponge paint the hole where you cut the dragon out.

  5. Finally, pop the canvas in a large box and flick a paint brush with white paint onto the canvas to add extra flecks of falling snow.

As ever, we would love to see your book-inspired creations. Tag us on social media using #readcreateplayshare or drop an email to readcreateplay@gmail.com and we can share for you.

Stay warm, stay safe and keep reading!


Ginny x

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