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Make a Snow Globe

Well, the weather outside is frightful... but currently not quite full of winter cheer. Still, it’s perfect to pop the fire on and cosy up indoors for a festive crafternoon.

At Pickle’s request, we’ve been making snow globes using the leftover glitter from our December Read With Me box. If you fancy having a go, check out the instructions below. And don’t forget to send us some pictures of your merry makes or tag us on social media using #readcreateplayshare.

What you’ll need:

⛄️ A clean jar and lid

⛄️ Cooled, boiled water

⛄️ A figure or pegdoll to decorate

⛄️ Paint/posca pens

⛄️ PVA glue

⛄️ Paint brush

⛄️ Gelatine

⛄️ Jug and tea spoon

⛄️ Glitter

⛄️ For grown ups use only: super glue.

  1. Make sure your jar is squeaky clean. Soak off any labels with warm water and washing up liquid.

  2. Boil enough water to almost fill the jar and leave it to cool down.

  3. Find a figure for your snow globe. We decorated a pegdoll by painting snowman features on with posca pens.

  4. Once dry, seal the pegdoll with a layer of pva glue or modge podge.

  5. Grown-ups, use super glue to stick your figure to the inside of the jar lid. This will be the base of your snow globe. We added a sprig of artificial fir tree too. Please set aside out of reach until dry.

  6. Pour your cooled water into a jug and add half a teaspoon of gelatin. Mix thoroughly.

  7. Carefully pour this mixture into your jar. You’d need to leave a little room at the top so that your figure doesn’t cause it to displace and spill. Also allow for a small air bubble.

  8. Add your glitter to the jar.

  9. When the lid is dry, carefully turn it upside down and reattach it to the jar. (Grown-ups, you may wish to superglue the inner rim of the lid to prevent future removal).

  10. Give your jar a gentle shake and enjoy the sparkling winter scene.

I'm blogging festive craft ideas each weekend in December so checkout the blog for more merry makes. And sign up for notifications too.

And, in case you have been eyeing up our December activity box, complete with Patricia Toht's Pick a Pine Tree, Monday is the last day for postal orders. Local orders still available until Friday 18th. If you head to the website and pop in the code STARBLOG you’ll get a cheery discount too. www.readcreateplay.co.uk

Happy crafting!

Love Ginny x

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