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So, in truth, we do own a lot of books... but I am really quite particular about the ones I buy for Pickle and what makes a good children’s book.

For me, it’s the marriage of really engaging illustrations and crafted wording. I like to see stories that are relatable but offer a pinch of something special, perhaps even magical. Highs and lows that carry the reader and above all, books that beg to be read aloud.

Reading aloud with children is such a special gift. If you can do one thing over these next few weeks, pop some inviting books around the house in reachable places to encourage your little one to choose their stories. And I challenge you... when they pluck them off the shelf, drop what you can and make time to read together.

Our featured November book, Mighty Min, has all these wonderful qualities. We particularly love Min’s rising bravery and the way she chooses to tame the ‘monster’, which always prompts shrieks of giggles when we read it.

Head to the website www.readcreatepkay.co.uk to order your copy Of Mighty Min in our November box and receive a host of craft and small world resources to create little Min and her friends. It’s been a hit with some of our lovely little readers so far...

Happy November and keep reading!

love Ginny x


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