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Do you read bedtime stories to your little ones? How about to your big ones?

Storytelling has a magical place in my heart. I love to hear about the Victorian traditions of evenings spent telling stories by the fireside. Such traditions are of course more than just a couple of centuries old.

So often, we worry about when our children will learn to read independently and the steps it will take to get them there. I think that the best advice is to know that they WILL get there and all at different stages.

What matters more is their relationship with reading. If we can nurture a love of books and foster in them the joy found in storytelling, they will develop that need and desire to read themselves.

So surround them with beautiful literature; fill their hearts with stories that burst off the page; read and re-read and re-read again the wonderful words for them to absorb so that they may begin to construct their own stories; and watch as they, in their own way, retell those stories to you.

When a child takes ownership of their learning, they will find enjoyment in it. The biggest gift you can give to help them is to share in that enjoyment. Model the wonder in hearing each tale so that they too can see the magic in the art of sharing stories.

What story will you be reading tonight?

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