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You Can’t Spoil a Child With Books

Books, however, can enrich them. Inspire them. Develop them. Nurture their imaginations. Fuel their passion for adventure. Build their vocabulary and in turn, empower them to express themselves.

Reading with my little Pickle is as much a gift for me as it is for her. Storytime is an opportunity to play together, investing shared time in a make-believe world. I love to see her eyes light up as Solomon Crocodile gets up to mischief and hear her own laughter as we play out the moment that Mighty Min tickles the monster cat into submission. Yes, I know, there can be a point of too many questions but how wonderful to see a child curious enough to ask them. And what a joy it is to hear them taking on the words as their own.

As children absorb your passion for reading, they too will work towards mastering their own reading skills. They will benefit from a developing ability to focus and cultivate logical and abstract thinking skills. Concentration, memory, creativity and imagination will all improve too. Sharing these little pockets of reading time will become magical memories for you in the future. They are the stepping stones in your child’s development that you will treasure in recognition of the growth they make but also the time spent cherishing your relationship too.

Books teach us so much more than facts. From them, children uncover moral codes, how to respond to situations, how to manage choices by experiencing worlds parallel to their own. Reading has been proven to boost self-esteem in children and is also a known way to reduce stress and anxiety. We often turn to a book to restore calm in our household.

When buying for Pickle’s Christmas and birthday presents, I like the four part present guide: ‘Something to she wants, something she needs, something to wear and something to read.’ Only, the last element is usually not restricted to just one book… and we also can’t resist book buying the rest of the year round too. But books are indeed for life and not just for Christmas! They can be given to celebrate personal achievements, occasions, good behaviour – or just because. Reading brings such a wealth of gifts beyond the spoils of opening a wrapped present.

If you are looking for some book inspiration this Christmas, I’d love you to drop me a message and I’d happily pull together a handful of book suggestions to suit your child’s age and interests.

Or, if you’d like to bring books to life all year round, have a look at our year round packages, including the new pay monthly subscription for 3-6 year olds. www.readcreateplay.co.uk/our-shop/

And, speaking of Christmas, I’ll be sharing some festive crafts over the coming weeks to accompany the launch of our December book. Pop back next week for a Christmas card making tutorial for all ages to enjoy!

Happy reading everyone,

Ginny x

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